PTDW Grad Noontime Lecture Series

Tomorrow is my Graduate Lecture.
Monday, February 11, 12:15 p.m.–1:00 p.m.
280 S. Columbus Drive Room 319

Image Details: Daniel Salamanca, Sign, 8 x 10”, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 2017

Image Details: Daniel Salamanca, Sign, 8 x 10”, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 2017

Daniel Salamanca Núñez believes in human relationships, telepathy and magic. He understands his artistic practice as a long-life personal journey of unveiling the poetry hidden behind the most ordinary and mundane things in life. He does that by constantly assigning himself playful, obsessive and impulsive exercises such as scrapping a work table, staying awake for 24 hours to see a complete day go by or carrying a travel experience in a suitcase, just to name a few of them. It is his own way of resisting against the urgencies and struggles of the world we live in. The result are often austere and delicate installations combining minimalist paintings –or using the syntax of painting– along with experimental videos, sounds, books, found objects, prints and creative texts. Lately, he has been exploring the use of light as a material.

He is from Bogotá, Colombia, where he received his BFA in Visual Arts back in 2006. Since then until moving to Chicago in August 2017 to pursue his MFA at SAIC, he has been constantly producing work and exhibiting in multiple venues in Colombia, a few countries in Latin America (Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina), Spain, Italy and recently the United States. In 2015, he won a grant for emerging artists awarded by the Cultural Ministry of Colombia and he was shortlisted as a finalist for the Sara Modiano Prize (Colombia). A year earlier, he was nominated for the CIFO grant for emerging artists and in 2011 he was selected for a one-month residency in Terra Una, Minas Gerais (Brazil).

Fractured: Digital Topographies

Opening Reception: Friday 8th, 6-9 PM / Lithium Gallery
Open from February 9 to March 2, 2019

I am happy to be part of this upcoming exhibition showing work by Doug Rosman, Katie Wood and Jiaqi Zhang, and curated by Emily Carranza, Nicolay Duque-Robayo, Rebecca Haley, Lasondra Kern, and Victoria Peña, all students in the Masters of Arts Administration & Policy department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

I will be showing a new work titled Directions, an sculptural object, similar to a pole with directional signs but composed of 6 different videos playing each one in a single tablet attached to a robust light stand. While each video was made before, for other projects, they all overlap in questions about daily life, routines, time, memory and travel. The piece is also referring to the structure behind my process of thinking which I like to compare to a game of Scrabble, in this case, with six possible paths or six degrees of separation.

6 Channels video object/installation (light stand and tablets)
Includes the following videos:

1. Sand Clock (hour glass)
10:29 mins
Animated still image
From the project: Uyuni’s Dilemma

2. Jamais Vu
4:58 mins
HD | Travel Personal footage
From the project: Uyuni’s Dilemma

3. 52 Weeks
24:00 mins
HD | Domestic footage and subtitles
From the project: Aquel que observa la hora

4. Al otro lado de la ventana. Al otro lado de la línea
Duration: 12:42
HD | Exterior shots
From the project: Ver un día pasar

5. Savoir faire
8:29 mins
720p | You tube footage
From the project: “To light, and/ then return —”

6. Temor a flotar
8:29 mins
HD | Personal footage
From the project: La piscina vacía


Miradas al Arte Conceptual

El próximo jueves 8 de noviembre es el lanzamiento del libro Miradas al Arte Conceptual, una publicación editada por el Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá en la cual tuve la oportunidad de participar con la obra Un espectador, durante un tiempo y en un espacio, así como un texto que la acompaña. La primera versión de esta pieza hizo parte del proyecto Ver un día pasar (2013) y luego se transformó en tres serígrafías que hice para Declaración (de artista) en el 2016. El evento, que va desde las 5:00 hasta las 7:00 PM en la tienda del MAMBO (cll 24 #6 - 00), contará con la participación y firma de algunos de los autores.


Next Thursday, November 8th, the Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá is launching the book Miradas al Arte Conceptual, a publication which includes my work A spectator, in time and space, as well as a text related to it. The first version of this piece was made for the show Ver un día pasar (2013) and then became part of a series of screen prints titled Declaración (de artista) showed in 2016. The event, which runs from 5:00 to 7: 00 PM in MAMBO store, will have the participation of some of the authors, which will also sign the book.


SAIC Open Studios 2018

Getting ready for the second (and my last) Graduate Open Studios at SAIC. Come and say hi at MacLean Center, 15th floor (1513).
Friday, November 2 from 4:30 to 9:30 PM / Saturday, November 3 from 2:00 to 8:00 PM.

Don´t miss:
- 14th Floor is a myth, organized by A. Faysal Altunbozar (including Alberto Ortega and Martha Poggioli).
- The 3 shows at 15, 16 and 17 floors of MacLean Center, curated by Alex Keller.
+ everything you see in the beautiful poster (designed by A. Fayzal)