SAIC / MFA Show 2019

For the MFA show, along with 6 other students, we decided to break with the individualism of this kind of exhibitions and propose a collective approach to it. We did collaborations, documented the process, had continuous meetings and constantly nurtured the conversation beyond the institutional request. The result is going to be on view from Friday 26 at Sullivan Galleries under the name “carbon copy”.

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X. is a new online platform foregrounding two components: experimental language performances and unscripted art writing. Focusing on the capability of language to enact criticality as opposed to just describing it, X. aims to push the conventions of readings, performance, and critical writing to vibrate through other vocabularies.

Thank you to Barbarita Polster for inviting me to collaborate in this project. Here’s the link to my text: The zigzag of a bug


PTDW Grad Noontime Lecture Series

Tomorrow is my Graduate Lecture.
Monday, February 11, 12:15 p.m.–1:00 p.m.
280 S. Columbus Drive Room 319

Image Details: Daniel Salamanca, Sign, 8 x 10”, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 2017

Image Details: Daniel Salamanca, Sign, 8 x 10”, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 2017

Daniel Salamanca Núñez believes in human relationships, telepathy and magic. He understands his artistic practice as a long-life personal journey of unveiling the poetry hidden behind the most ordinary and mundane things in life. He does that by constantly assigning himself playful, obsessive and impulsive exercises such as scrapping a work table, staying awake for 24 hours to see a complete day go by or carrying a travel experience in a suitcase, just to name a few of them. It is his own way of resisting against the urgencies and struggles of the world we live in. The result are often austere and delicate installations combining minimalist paintings –or using the syntax of painting– along with experimental videos, sounds, books, found objects, prints and creative texts. Lately, he has been exploring the use of light as a material.

He is from Bogotá, Colombia, where he received his BFA in Visual Arts back in 2006. Since then until moving to Chicago in August 2017 to pursue his MFA at SAIC, he has been constantly producing work and exhibiting in multiple venues in Colombia, a few countries in Latin America (Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina), Spain, Italy and recently the United States. In 2015, he won a grant for emerging artists awarded by the Cultural Ministry of Colombia and he was shortlisted as a finalist for the Sara Modiano Prize (Colombia). A year earlier, he was nominated for the CIFO grant for emerging artists and in 2011 he was selected for a one-month residency in Terra Una, Minas Gerais (Brazil).