This coming Sunday (October 13, 4:00 – 7:00 P.M.) is the opening of Mirage, a collaboration show with WooJin Shin at 4th Ward Project Space. Here is an experimental piece of writing that introduces some of the ideas behind it.


The image is a mirage. Image is a non-existent thing. It never settles to solidify its characteristics. It only exists in an in-between space. It never fully arrives at any point.       

WooJin Shin and Daniel Salamanca have been communicating their thoughts through blurred and displaced ideas. They have been going back and forth, avoiding concrete concepts, in order to arrive at an undefinable ambiance or imagined space. They sense that each other works complement and enhance the other, so they trust that feeling.

Image is an illusion that guides viewers to a certain space. Image functions as a veil of the space behind itself. Image is a filter. The space behind an image cannot be seen without a filter. Space always tries to remain invisible.  

First, they talked about a desert, maybe an oasis in that desert, but that was too direct, too sterile, maybe too dry. They didn’t want to give a preconceived image to the visitors. Instead, they are presenting illusions that will take the form of paintings, projections, and in-site interventions, in which their practices blend, collapse and overlap into a whole.

What you see through a filter is not even the space itself. You would only be able to sense the remains of the space. The vague image of remains might show as dotted lines to serve your speculation of the space.

The result is a mirage, a scene to look out, to wonder at. The same way you can be fascinated with that puddle at the end of the road that never existed even if you were truly looking at it from the distant interior of a car. 

The image is a ghost. The image itself does not carry any physical presence. It travels all the time due to its own nature. What if an image exists without being perceived? Is a mirage meant to be seen? Is an image not an image if not seen? Is an image a phenomenon just like a mirage?


October 13 –  November 10, 2019.
Reception for the Artists: Sunday, October 13, 4:00 – 7:00 P.M.

4th Ward Project Space is an artist-run exhibition space that honors the artistic direction of individual artists and seeks to cultivate an inclusive audience. 4WPS operates without regard to commercial interests. 4th Ward Project Space is directed by: Mika Horibuchi (co-founder), James Kao (co-founder), SaraNoa Mark, Valentina Zamfirescu (co-founder).

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