Within Receding Horizons

This fall semester I'll be part of a group show at Sullivan Galleries (33 South State Street, 7th floor) along with other SAIC students. Curated by Duncan Bass and Tess Haratonik. Project shown: Uyuni's Dilemma.
September 14 to October 13
Reception: Friday, September 28, 6:00–9:00 p.m.

A visual metaphor with perspectival and relativistic implications, the horizon simultaneously depicts the limits of perception and renders a space of potential beyond these limit-conditions. The nine artists assembled in Within Receding Horizons navigate sites of personal and collective memory in search of this speculative horizon. Investigating the abstraction, externalization, and exchange of these memories, this exhibition questions the accessibility of these real, remembered, and imagined spaces. Featuring work by artists selected, in part, through portfolio reviews by the SAIC Exhibitions Committee: Sera Chen (MFA 2019), Wanbli Gamache (MFA 2019), María Karaman (BFA 2019), Nihat Karataşlı; (MFA 2019), Xindi Li (BFA 2018), Parvin Peivandi (MFA 2019), Martha Poggioli (MFA 2019), Daniel Salamanca (MFA 2019), and Aden Solway (BFA 2019). Curated by Graduate Curatorial Assistants Duncan Bass (Dual MA 2019) and Tess Haratonik (Dual MA 2020).